With regional chapters across the US and members around the world, FRUA Inc. provides international adoption support resources to families completed through adoption from 32 Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Meeting the three words of our mission - Hope, Help and Community - FRUA offers:

  • A respected national journal, The Family Focus, that addresses issues covering the range of the adoptive family experience
  • Educational programming on topics identified by members as important to the success of their families
  • A continually expanding FRUA Resource Directory
  • A Young Adult program that fosters connections among our grown adoptees
  • An orphan support program directed and managed by FRUA's young adults
  • An active, moderated Facebook page, connecting thousands of adoptive parents to share experiences, get help, and celebrate victories
  • The only scholarship in the world for graduating seniors and continuing college students adopted from former Soviet bloc countries
  • Direct representation to birth-country embassies and countries, advocating for fact-based discourse and fostering availability of inter-country adoption
  • An engaged, supportive community that nurtures adopted children, parents and families

FRUA believes that every child deserves a forever family and celebrates the rich heritage of our children's birth countries. Our Orphan Support efforts ensure we never forget the children left behind in orphanages.



As a free sample of some of the resources provided to dues paying members, please explore some cultural and adoption information from some of our many countries and cultures at FRUA INC Cultures.  Click here for membership information, networking, and regional contacts.


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The FRUA Promise: 

Help for your challenges, hope for your future, and community with families like your own, completed through adoption in Eastern European and Central Asian countries and republics.





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