The Adoption Journey


Waiting for Me: One Woman's Relentless Desire for a Child Jodie Peyton  (Nov. 2002)

International Adoption Travel Journal Mary Ebejer Petertyl (February 2002)

Adopting In Russia: Your Rights and the Law Irina O'Rear (Sept. 2002

Russian Adoption Handbook John H. MacLean  (January 2004)

The Russian Word For Snow (Hard Bound)Janis Cooke Newman  (Feb. 2002)

Adopting for Good: A Guide for People Considering Adoption Jorie Kincaid  (May 1997)

Adoption & Advocating for the Special Needs Child L Anne Babbs, Rita Law, Robert DeBolt  (July 1997)

Adopt Internationally: Everything You Need to Know to Adopt a Child From Abroad O. Robin Sweet, Patty Byran  (May 1996)

Adoption Resource Book  Lois Gilman  (November 1998)

Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families With Special Needs Kids Gregory C. Keck, Regina Kupecky  (May 1998)

How to Adopt Internationally: A Guide to Agency Directed and Independent Adoptions Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen, Jean Erichsen (April 2000)

How to Adopt A Child From Another Country Eileen M. Wirth, Joan Wordens (January 1993)

International Adoption Handbook: How to Make an Overseas Adoption Work For You Myra Alperson (April 1997)

International Adoption: Sensitive Advice for Prospective Parents Jean Knoll, Mary-Kate Murphy  (May 1994)

Adopting the Older Child Claudia L. Jewett  (May 1979)

Older Child Adoption Grace Robinson  (February 1998)

Adopting Alyosha: A Single Man Finds a Son in Russia Robert Klose (March 1999)

And Hannah Wept: Infertility, Adoption & the Jewish Couple Michael Gold (December 1994)

An Empty Lap: One Couple’s Journey to Parenthood Jill Smolowe  (October 1998)

Adoption Journeys: Parents Tell Their Stories Carole S. Turner (April 1999), will ship soon!

Adopting After Infertility Patricia Irwin Johnston (November 1996)

A Child’s Journey Through Placement Vera Fahlberg (November 1996)

Beating the Adoption Odds  Cynthia D. Martin, Dru Martin Groves (April 1998)

Till There Was You – An Adoption Expectancy Journal Rebecca Gold (June 1998)

The Velveteen Father Jesse Green (June 1999)

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