Work Life Issues


Balancing Act: How Managers Can Integrate Successful Careers & Fulfilling Personal Lives Joan Kofodimos (September 1993)

Balancing Work & Family Ken Lizotte & Barabara Litwok (November 1995)

Breaking With Tradition: Women & Work, the New Facts of Life Felice N. Schwartz

The Challenge of Day Care Sally Provence

Confessions of a Happily Organized Family Denise Schofield (August 1997)

Masculinity Reconstructed Ronald Levant, Gini Kopecky

Not Guilty: The Good News About Working Mothers Betty Holcomb (July 1998)

Nothing But the Best: Making Day Care Work For You Diane Lusk & Bruce McPherson

Of Work & Men: How Men Can Become More Than Their Careers Harvey Deutschendorf (October 1996)

Real Men Don’t Vacuum: A Relationship Guide SJ Gelb

The Safe Nanny Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Have Peace of Mind While Your Child is in Someone Else's Care Peggy Robin (November 1998)

School Age Child Care Michelle Seligson & Michael Allenson (May 1993)

The Second Shift: Working Parents & the Revolution At Home Arlie Hochschild (1989)

She Works/He Works: How Two Income Families Are Happier, Healthier and Better Off
Rosalind Barnett & Caryl Ivers
Solving the Work/Family Puzzle Bonnie Michaels & Elizabeth McCarty (May 1992)

Staying At Home: From Full Time Professional to Full Time Parent Darcie Sanders & Martha M. Bullen (May 1999)

Survival Guide: School Age Child Care Betsy Arns (December 1988)

The Three-Career Couple: Mastering the Art of Juggling Work, Home and Family Marcia Byalick & Linda Saslow (April 1993)

30 Secrets of Happily Married Couples Paul Coleman (October 1992)

3:00 To 6:00 PM: Programs For Young Adolescents Leah M. Lefstein & Joan Lipsitz (December 1986)

The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home & Home Becomes Work (audio) Arlie Russell Hochschild (April 1999)

The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home & Home Becomes Work Arlie Russel Hochschild (April 1998)

Women & the Work/Family Dilemma: How Today’s Professional Women Are Finding Solutions Deborah Swiss & Judith Walker

Women, Feminism & Family Therapy Lois Braverman (May 1988)

Working Fathers: New Strategies For Balancing Work & Family James A. Levine & Todd L. Pittinsky (October 1998)

The Working Parents Help Book: Practical Advice for Dealing with the Day-to-Day Challenges of Kids and Careers Susan Crites-Price & Tom Price (October 1996)

The Working Relationship: Management Strategies For Contemporary Couples Lisa Stelck & Cheryl Newman (1986)

Working Women Don’t Have Wives Terri Apter (May 1995)


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