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New FRUA Members...

Not sure how to deal with your adopted teen's moods, your precious toddler's attachment issues, your elementary child's educational challenges? Join FRUA now and gain community with families who know where you're been and who are traveling the adoptive parent journey with you.


As a FRUA member you'll access the hope, help, and community you need, while helping us help other children.  Please consider joining us! As a member you will be able to access a world of information and  the support from other adoptive families.  



renewing FRUA members...

You know what membership in FRUA means. It's help for your challenges, hope for your future and most of all.... it's community with families like your own, completed through adoption in Eastern European and Central Asian countries and republics.


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Current Membership Dues (all regions)

- $40 / 1 year

- $110 / 3 years



FRUA Membership Levels


Family Membership...our FRUA family membership. Each state in the U.S. is associated with a Regional Chapter.  We also have members outside the U.S. 


Click here to see our list of regional chapters.



Professional/educator Membership...our FRUA business membership for those professionals in the medical, education, counseling or theraputic fields who work with our children.

Note: FRUA does NOT sell or share its membership list with outside organizations. Members should expect that their privacy would be respected.







  • Access to a network of parents as our children develop into young adults and beyond – FRUA is there for all stages of our families – pre-adoption and post adoption.
  • Discounts on FRUA events and future conferences.
  • Discounts on books, merchandise, and magazine publications such as Adoptive Families and Russian Life.
  • Invitations to educational focus webinars that help our families navigate the challenges of raising children today, with our own twist of having internationally born, adopted children.
  • Access to focused Resource Directories on a variety of topics for the United States and Canada.
  • Access to local and regional FRUA cultural events to help you support your child's need for a sense of heritage and identity.
  • Together, as waiting families, give and receive support, set realistic expectations and assist with the transition to home through education, publications and networking.
  • Access to the latest research and insight from FRUA's network of professionals and  Advisory Board members.
  • Access to past FRUA Educational Focus materials
  • Access to past The Family Focus© articles


  • The knowledge that you are supporting families and children here and in Eastern Europe- your membership dues allows FRUA to keep the popular facebook and website materials available to all families all the time, which is critical to our mission.
  • Instill the heart of service, in your child and family, by participating in our orphanage support projects.
  • Opportunities to share resources and helpful hints to help other families.
  • Find your mentor can help waiting families set realistic expectations and assist with the transition to home through education, publications and networking – together, we give and receive  support.


  • Kids for your kids...Opportunities for them to know other kids “like me.. adopted!”
  • Receive our quarterly jornal, The Family Focus©,  that includes profiles of geographic regions, medical and developmental information from professional sources, parenting news, book and movie reviews, news of FRUA’s orphanage support activities, cultural connections: food, holidays, traditions, regional chapter news, and other resources.
  • FRUA regional newsletters or e-newsletters, that can notify you of local activities.
  • Inclusion in all mailings, notices, including national and regional activities.




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