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It's autumn... time for school days, family events and new beginnings. For a limited time only, when you join or renew your membership in FRUA, Inc., your membership will come with a special gift from FRUA and Adoption Learning Partners. This is an opportunity for you to take a few hours to try to understand your adopted child better.


Now  extended through November 7th, 2013 due to the high volume, join or renew, and you'll receive a FREE course, an online class “Adopted: The Identity Project. Real People. Real Stories. Real Insight for Parents” . This is your special gift when you join FRUA for the first time, or renew your FRUA membership.*


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You may have been a part of FRUA for years, and already know FRUA's promise to provide “hope, help and community for adoptive families” from across EasternEurope and central Asian countries, not just Russian and Ukraine. Others of you may be struggled alone, not knowing of our supportive community for adoptive parents. You may not know about our many regional and local chapters, our online communities including our private chat room and our FRUA Facebook page. You may not have heard of our critically-acclaimed, members-only, national journal The Family Focus, or our gobal website, and the information and resources delivered on an individual basis world-wide, as well as through our chapter groups, locally, regionally, and nationally.You may not know of our advocacy policy work with our children's birth countries to help keep the doors of inter-country adoption open. But now you do. If you're looking for support as an adoptive family, then FRUA membership is your answer.



About our FREE gift to you: “Adopted: The Identity Project. Real People. Real Stories. Real Insight for Parents”  is an online course that guides parents through a series of adoptee stories giving a unique view into the hearts, minds and souls of the adopted person experience. Discussions involve unresolved questions surrounding children's birth families, the decision to place them for adoption and how much of who they are is related to their DNA vs. their upbringing. These stories are supported with clinical insights from experts offering practical tips for parents to use with your own family. FRUA has selected this webinar for our free offering because of its broad content appeal, not just for adoptive parents, but for parents to share with their older adopted children, and for our chapter's FRUA teen groups to use in group discussions.



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Early on, FRUA became known for its adoption education conferences; wonderful events, but accessible only to a few hundred attendees at a time. Knowing that the need is great and and with the goal to reach more people, we are renewing our focus on educational resources, now delivered on a more nationally-accessible scale. This coming year, FRUA will begin to build a webinar capability, and as our first expansion step, has explored a partnership with one of the premier online webinar delivery organizations focused exclusively on adoption resources; Adoption Learning Partners. We are thrilled to offer this remarkable webinar, “Adopted: The Identity Project” as a free gift to new and returning FRUA members.


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