FRUA Launches Spring Membership Drive


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It's finally springtime! Time to get out of classes, take a time-out from tutors and indoors, and celebrate the season. For a limited time only, FRUA, Inc. memberships come with a special gift from FRUA and Russian Life magazine.


Now – through June 15, 2016 – you'll receive a free, one-year subscription to Russian Life magazine as a special gift* when you join FRUA for the first time, or renew your FRUA membership.


While FRUA covers the cultures of 32 countries of Eastern Europe and central Asia, the vast majority of them share heritage and a cultural connection with Russia. So we are delighted to share this generous offer from FRUA and Russian Life with you. You'll receive it for renewing your membership, or finally joining the organization that has helped your family through the challenges, and celebrated your children's accomplishments, with you.


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You may have been a part of FRUA for years, and already know FRUA's promise to provide “hope, help and community for adoptive families” from across Eastern Europe and central Asian countries, not just Russia and Ukraine. may be considering membership for the very first time.


FRUA membership benefits include:


* FRUA regional chapters and Parent Organized Districts (PODs)


* FRUA online communities including our private chat room and our FRUA Facebook page at the national and regional level.


* The Family Focus, FRUA's critically-acclaimed, members-only, national journal


* FRUA eduational programming, including our members-only FRUA National Resource Directory


* FRUA's global website, and the information and resources delivered on an individual basis world-wide, as well as through our chapter groups, locally, regionally, and nationally.


* FRUA advocacy policy work with our children's birth countries to help keep the doors of inter-country adoption open.


* FRUA orphan support work, helping orphan children in our children's  birth countires who will neer be adopted.


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* Offer good only for those who are not current subscribers to Russian Life magazine. If you are already a subscriber to Russian Life magazine or adopted from another of the 32 countries we cover, you can opt out of receiving any special gift, or receive an alternative educational gift from FRUA to you.



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