FRUA Young Adult Membership


THE FRUA YA membership is specifically targeted to the needs and interests of young adults adopted from the 32 countries of the former Soviet bloc which FRUA INC serves.


Benefits of the FRUA YA membership:

  • A national young adult community, linked through FRUA's Teens & 20s Facebook page and other social media platforms

  • Social connections with other young adults like you – adopted

  • FRUA informational resources based on your needs and interests

  • Educational webinars on topics you care about

  • Opportunities to engage in the FRUA orphan support program, aiding orphans in YA birth countries

  • Connection as a second generation of hope, help and community for adopted young adults.

Adoption is life-long. Often young adults don't know what you will feel, what you will need to know, or don't know, until you reach that point.


The benefits of the $10 annual FRUA YA membership fee (enough to cover the cost of maintaining the database) will evolve with you and for you -- led by the FRUA Young Adult Task Force.


Click to enter the FRUA member center to join now. You will be asked to set up your own secure password, so that at any time you can access your membership information.


Parents, we invite you to pass this message along to your young adult adoptees and to other families with adopted young adults.



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