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FRUA members believe strongly in the word “community.”  Not just because raising an adoptive child can be as challenging as it is exhilarating, but because a family needs a support structure around it to successfully raise any child.



FRUA mom with two boys


FRUA members are all adoptive parents or members of an adoptive family.  We are all supporters of kids from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Many of us have biological children or children adopted from other regions of the world as well. 



We are also all volunteers and so glad to provide you with these community touch-points:

  • FRUA Regional Chapters... Our regional chapter and POD (Parent Organized District) organization structure is unique in that it is the “on-the-ground” presence that makes our promise of “hope, help and community” real.  Go to the chapter content in this community section to learn more about the regional chapter in your area.
  • FRUA Facebook Community...  An outreach project of FRUA, this forum of both members and non-members discuss a wide variety of topics that our community is facing.  Examples include adoption process, parenting successes and challenges, resources, heritage, finding birth families and siblings, and educational issues.  This is a wonderful place for families to find encouragement and support on issues the general population may not fully understand, as well as share resources and insights.
  • FRUA Young Adult Facebook Community... Just for our teens and young adults, this is a place to connect and discuss the things they think about.  Registration for this area is set up for FRUA member teens.  Parents are encouraged to respect their teen's need to express themselves with their peers and invited to join the FRUA Facebook page for adults.





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