FRUA INC COMMUNITY.... Ten REgions, fifty-state coverage




The regional chapter structure of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA) Including Neighboring Countries (INC) provides an in-person way to connect with other families formed through adoption in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  This regional format is one of the reasons FRUA is different than the other online groups you might encounter as an adoptive family; it can fill both a social and a support role, creating local and regional heritage, educational and social opportunities to come together.  Children in particular benefit from meeting other kids “like me - adopted!”


FRUA INC has divided the country into ten regions, covering all fifty states (and some Canadian provinces); this means that every member family is now part of a regional chapter community. Beneath that regional chapter structure, (which requires a treasurer and a local bank account to accept member dues share for use within the region), can be localized "Parent Organized Districts"(POD), coordinated as local or metro-focused activity groups, without  the need to field a full board. This brings home FRUA's mission, to provide hope, help and community for adoptive familes, in a very personal, localized way.

To connect with your region, to find a FRUA regional chapter contact, to locate a FRUA POD nearest you, or inquire about setting up a FRUA POD in your specific area, scroll down to your region and click on the contact information.


All regional chapters are adminstered by volunteers.  WE NEED YOU. Even just a little of your time will help.  Please contact us and let us know how you are willing to help. 







FRUA--New England  

(ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI)  




(NY, PA, NJ)  



FRUA--Mid Atlantic  

(DE, MD, VA, DC)



FRUA – Central Midwest  

(MI, OH, IN, KY, WV, TN)



FRUA – Upper Midwest  

(MN, ND, SD, WI, IA, IL, MO)




(NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS)



FRUA INC -- Pacific Northwest  

(WA, OR, ID, MT, AK, BC)




(CA, AZ, NV, HI)



FRUA-- Middlewest  

(CO, UT, WY, NE, KS, NM)




(TX, OK, AR, LA) 






This transition from FRUA's former chapter structure of metro-focused local chapters to ten regions began in 2014.  Each region is run by an all-volunteer regional board which try to include board representation from each state in its coverage area as people volunteer. One region, the FRUA Southwest area of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana does not yet have reginal leadership, providing an opportuntiy for the many FRUA INC member familes to step up and form their region.


Remember that within each regional chapter, the FRUA Regional Board welcomes volunteers to represent each state, as well as those who want to coordinate FRUA PODs within the region.


If you have questions reagarding your area, please email the region at the contact email above. 


If you have questions regarding the states within each reagion, please click this link to go to the states-by-region list: become-a-member




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