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FRUA INC (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption Including Neighboring Countries) covers families who have adopted in 32 countries. We help adoptive families with educational resources, provide a community of adoptees for our children and young adults; an online and offline adoptive family support structure stretching across the United States and around the world, in regional chapters, on down to local Parent Organized Districts and one-on-one family support.




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As an all-volunteer 501(c)(3), donations to FRUA all go to fund our work. More families than ever are turning to us for educational and family support. Increasingly, FRUA is being called upon to represent adoptive families with birth countries and policy-makers. We have made major technology upgrades to better support members and regional chapters, including creating an entire members-benefit resource room. But we've more to do!


As you consider a gift, be it a one time donation, or a monthly gift to FRUA, consider that we have big plans...which is why we've launched this give campaign:

  • Grow FRUA's educational programming capacity

  • Develop and launch a support program and membership structure for young adult adoptees

  • Provide improved support for our ten regional chapter structures

  • Replenish our FRUA scholarship program

  • Prepare for a new orphan support project


This year, this month, today.....please consider a tax-deductible gift to FRUA. Help FRUA make a difference in the lives of adoptive families.


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