This is the place to find FRUA items, from the rich family support resource available in the National Education Conference binders to reprints of Family Focus articles, and more. You can also enter a variety of FRUA partner store sites that offer you books, our custom-blended FRUA Coffee & Tea, and other items to enrich your family. 


All partners on this site remit a percentage of their proceeds to FRUA to support our Orphan Support programs. When you click on the links to these outside partners, you are being taken directly to their sites to browse and order. When you click on a store area with FRUA in the title, you remain on this site to complete your order.


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Coffee & Tea

for Orphanage Support

Let family, friends, and teachers know that you care about them while also providing hope, help and community for orphan children too!  Consider gift baskets of FRUA coffees & teas for all the important people in your life!


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Remember...it's also a gift to help orphans in the orphanages of Eastern Europe and central Asia


May we suggest.....

Tapestry Books

FRUA introduces our newest partner, Tapestry Books!  Tapestry is the premiere on-line book store for learning about adoption.  Tapestry Books focuses exclusively on books to support families through the challenges and joys of adoption.


FRUA Items

FRUA Binders - (pdf form)


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Activity Books Language Learning & Travel
Adoptive Family Life Literature & Music
The Adoption Journey Medical Issues
Children's Corner Parenting
Cooking Russian Christmas
Cultural Stories & Heritage Appreciation Work Life Issues


 Russian Life Magazine

Adoptive Family Magazine

Celebrate adoptions

A traditional Russian folk tale for children ages 2 - 8

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