FRUA_INC announces Scholarship winners





We are pleased to announce the winners of the two 2016 FRUA Scholarships:


FRUA Dina Brown Scholarship

for a Graduating Senior


Jessica Leipman, of Brookline MA is the 2016 winner of the $1250, FRUA Dina Brown Scholarship for Graduating Seniors.She is the daughter of Susan Leipman and John Roberge and her family is part of our FRUA New England regional chapter.


Jessica was adopted in Russia in 1999, and plans to attend either Boston College or Cornell University, majoring in bio-chemistry, pre-med track.


FRUA Scholarship for a Continuing

Post Secondary Student


Alana Cieszykoski, of Blue Springs MO is the winner of the $750 FRUA Scholarship for a Continuing College Student.She is the daughter of Eugene and Nancy Gieszykoski and her family is part of our FRUA Upper Midwest Region.


Alana was adopted in Russia in 1999 and attends St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, taking the necessary courses to major in math at Saint Mary's. Next year she will begin classes at Notre Dame University working towards a 5-year dual degree program  -- obtaining a math degree from Saint Mary's and an engineering degree from Notre Dame. The program usually take 5 years. She will graduate in 2019.


CUdos to ALL our scholarship applicants


The field of scholarship applicants this year was exceptional! We continue to be impressed with the accomplishments of our teens, many of whom have overcome often significant challenges, while setting their goals high.We encourage those high school seniors who applied, to apply next year for the continuing post secondary student scholarship.


A few stats:

* We had 50 applicants - 26 girls/24 boys – more than any previous year.

* Birth country breakdown: Russia 40, Ukraine 8, Kazakhstan 1.

* We received applications from 17 states: New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kansas, California, Colorado, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington State, Maryland, Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, and Illinois, and from nine of our ten regions.

* There would have been more applicants, but sadly, we had submissions that did not satisfy the requirements as dues-paying member families of FRUA-INC.

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