To complement the skills, expertise, and insights of the National Board of Directors, FRUA INC appoints an Advisory Board consisting of parents, professionals, and leaders in the international adoption community. Advisory Board members contribute to FRUA in many diverse ways. A critical contribution of Advisory Board members is to keep FRUA plugged into the latest research affecting our children.


Advisory Board members provide the National Board insights into issues of mutual interest and concern, such as developmental delays, educational challenges and remediation, the effects of trauma histories on children, and a host of other topics associated with institutionalization. Please note that just because a person is included on FRUA's Advisory Board, does not mean that FRUA agrees with every position they take or therapy they may recommend.


FRUA Advisory board members may present at FRUA’s conferences and often contribute articles, study announcements, and important information to our quarterly membership newsletter.


This Advisory Board is in the process of being assessed and reviewed.  Please return in the future for current information.



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