your donations HElp FRUA INC provide ORPHAN SUPPORT


FRUA INC's Charitable Reach


When you donate to FRUA, you help support a broad range of programs and projects, including our orphan support work.


A $2,000 FRUA grant has been given to Help Us Help the Children (HUHTC), a Canadian-based non-profit that works exclusively in Ukraine. Our donation will help teenage orphans who have been relocted out of the eastern conflict zone with Russia, leaving everything behind. They are being housed in crowded, temporary quarters. As we get more specifics about the efforts to settle them, we will add more information to this page.


Not only does FRUA designate funds from the general FRUA fund to Proceeds from FRUA’s coffee sales, and donations large and small, help us continue to improve the lives of children who reside in orphanages and children’s homes.



Why we care:


FRUA recognizes that, while our children have found their forever families, hundreds of thousands of children remain in orphanages and "Social Homes" throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Therefore, FRUA is dedicated to providing support to these children residing in state care. Our Orphan Support program accomplishes this goal through various means.



Orphan support funds are donated to FRUA INC by members, friends, families, and non-profit organizations.  FRUA children have raised money for our orphan support program at their birthday parties, through school fund raisers, and through chapter-organized donation collections like Pennies for Playgrounds, garage sales, silent auctions, and even a photographic orphan support effort called the Orphans of Belarus. Extended family members and 

friends have remembered orphans in their wills and bequeathed funds to FRUA to use toward orphan support.


Generous people from all walks of life have provided funds to our orphan support efforts. In the future, we look forward to expanding the help we get from corporations and hope to expand our volunteer capabilities to write grant requests for funds to support FRUA orphan support projects.


How we provide orphan support:


FRUA has funded and accomplished some projects on our own, such as our playground builds.  Over more than a decade FRUA purchased therapeutic playground equipment, shipped it to a specific orphanage in the recipient country, and funded its installation. To date, FRUA has installed 17 therapeutic playgrounds in Romanian orphanages.


Beyond the playground builds, FRUA has provided grants to non-profits that offer assistance and support to orphans in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Working with diverse entities such as the Peace Corp, American Academy of Family Physicians through Physicians with Heart, Titus International, etc., FRUA  has partially or fully funded physical improvements at orphanages in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Republic of Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, and Tajikistan.  These much-needed improvements include repairing bathrooms, replacing windows, installing washing machines, boilers, refrigerators, etc.


Matching Grant Program


The FRUA Matching Grant Program provides matching funds, up to $500 per project (limited to $1000/year/chapter), to local FRUA INC regions to support  their orphan support efforts.   A huge thank you to the FRUA regions and volunteers who work tirelessly to support those orphan support projects that have touched our hearts. 









Our Ways and Means / Orphan Support Chair position is vacant at present.  We are actively seeking a volunteer to not only find, assess and develop orphan support projects .... but also to find ways to fund such support. If you are willing to donate some of your time to this worthwhile position please contact  



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