FRUA INC Orphan Support Projects


On behalf if our membership, FRUA INC national has approved grants to worthwhile projects focused on giving to orphanages or children’s homes in need in Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries.  We continue to create and maintain lasting relationships with organizations who share our passion and mission of supporting hope, help and community within these societies. Some of our approved grants have included:



Kazakhstan- April 2012


A $6,000 grant to SPOON Foundation, National Nutrition Conference, Almaty, Kazakhstan. This grant provided support of conference registration and materials to delegates attending from Russia and Tajikistan. The purpose of this conference was to educate and advocate improvement of nutrition and feeding needs for children who reside in an orphanage setting. SPOON Foundation, in collaboration with The Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition, was successful in bringing together delegates from all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia to participate in this groundbreaking topic.


Ekaterinburg, Russia - April 2012


A $5,000 grant to Faces of Siberia programs in Ekaterinburg Region in Russia. Faces of Siberia works with four orphanages and one hospital in the region. The programs supported with these funds include a birthday club, art program, adventure club and community theatre production. Thank you to FRUA-Ohio for their generous contribution to this grant.


Faces of Siberia - Community Event



Ukraine - January 2012


A $2,880 grant to Child’s Right to Thrive Program (Tufts University), “Big Sister Ukraine” Project.   This grant provided support for “Big Sisters” (young college students from the local community) to interact with the children in the Mykolayiv Regional Baby Home.  This wonderful program has been in place since 2007 and is very successful!



Republic of Moldova - January 2012


A $300 grant to Titus International, Telenesti, Republic of Moldova.  This grant provided a replacement furnace for the orphanage when the previous one quit working during the cold months of winter.




Varna, Bulgaria - October 2011


An explosion and fire destroyed part of the Varna Maika i Dete (Baby Home) in Bulgaria. FRUA INC Washington state raised $500 towards the "Varna Orphanage Fire Repair" project through All God's Children. This was matched by an additional $500 in matching funds from national FRUA. The project assisted in replacing the orphanage boiler that blew up, and replace the structure and supplies that were destroyed. 



St. Petersburg, Russia - July 2011


A $2,400 grant to Orphan Outreach (TX) for Hannah's Hands Grandmother" project in St. Petersburg, Russia. This grant provided support for "Grandmothers" who nurture and care for the children in Orphanage #15 on a daily basis, many of whom have been abused or neglected.



Krygyzstan - June 2011


A $5,100 grant to Physician’s With Heart Children’s Project , through the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation – Kyrgyzstan


This grant provided $4,500 towards kitchen renovations at Krasnaya-Rrechka children’s home and $600 towards the purchase of therapeautic Lego systems for Tokmok children’s home.



Republic of Moldova - April 2011


A $4,500 grant to Titus International – Telenesti, Republic of Moldova


This grant provided several much needed improvements to Orphanage Titus including a new boiler, refrigerator, stove exhaust hood, tables and chairs, dishes and utensils, and a new fence with a gate surrounding the facility to protect the children from wild dogs entering the orphanage area.


Moldova Orphanage


Moscow, Russia - December 2010


A $250 grant to Maria’s Children art program in Moscow, Russia.



Tajikistan - October 2010


A $3,200 grant to Physician’s With Heart Children’s Project, through the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation – Tajikistan


This grant provided (32) school desks and chairs for Boarding School #4 in Dushanbe.



Republic of Georgia- November 2009


A $1,500 grant to a Physician’s With Heart Children’s Project, went to a Tbilisi orphanage where 65 children shared just one shower and two toliets. FRUA helped upgrade bathrooms, repainted the orphanage and replaced the furnace.










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