FRUA INC offers families hope, help and community by providing connection, education, resources, and advocacy, and works to improve the lives of orphaned children


Family Support and Resources
As adoptive parents, FRUA INC members know the joys and the challenges that come with international adoption and can support your journey.  That's why FRUA focuses on these benefits:

 * A relationship structure that nurtures adopted children and their parents, providing hope for the challenging parenting stages, help when you need it and a community with which to celebrate.

*  A multi-layered, understanding community of international adoptive families who relate on the personal, regional chapter and national level, as well as through on line communities.

* Extensive family support resources that focus on supporting families adopting in Eastern European/Central-Western Asian countries, from the pre-adoptive and adoption journey through the all-important post-adoption life stages.

* Access to relevant and current educational and development resources, including webinars, articles, and events where national and international experts present the latest findings directly to FRUA families.

* Strong, cultural support that recognizes and celebrates the rich heritage of our children's birth countries.

* An organized Orphanage Support program that brings together personal and corporate donations in a coordinated way to help children who remain in the orphanage system from which our children have come.

* Advocacy in school systems on behalf of our children's capabilities and for research into the treatments and therapies that can help those children who need them live more fruitful lives.


Ten Time Zones  And An Adoptive Support Community


The adopted children of FRUA's families come from all former Soviet block countries and republics, a geographic area that spans ten time zones and crosses Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the central-western regions of Asia.  Countries from which our children have come include:

Organization Goals
From it's beginnings in 1994 as a local Washington DC parent group to its growth as an international, multi-region support resource, FRUA continues to focus on the following goals:

    * To improve the lives of children
    * To strengthen families
    * To share the culture and heritage of our children
    * To provide peer group support for our children
    * To provide peer group support for parents
    * To promote a reality-based perception of our children



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