FRUA INC issues statement

on 12.27.12 Russian adoption ban






PRESS RELEASE, December 28, 2012...Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA) Including Neighboring Countries (INC) releases the following statement regarding the legislation by the government of the Russian Federation baning adoption of orphans by Americans:


“Acting National Chair, Jan Wondra, the National Board of Directors of FRUA, its regional chapters and membership world-wide, condemn the actions taken by the government of the Russian Federation, banning the adoption of Russian orphans by United States citizens. The basis of this reactionary step, stemming from a trade bill amendment associated with human rights violations inside Russia, has nothing to do with orphans and everything to do with turning the most vulnerable of children into political pawns. The effects of this ban are especially cruel for those hundreds of orphan children and the prospective parents now in-process to complete their adoptions; children who are already calling their new parents Momma and Poppa.


FRUA stands absolutely for children's basic human right to grow up in families that love and protect them and get them the help they need to reach their potential, whatever that may be. FRUA encourages the government of Russia to act in a humanitarian way to allow those American families in-process to complete their adoptions.


In condemning this action, FRUA, its leadership and families, make a special point that our condemnation of this political action by the Russian government in no way relates to our great admiration for the people of Russia, millions of whom we know to be caring and generous, thousands of whom took care of our children prior to adoption, and who support the rights of orphan children to grow up in families.


While it is best for a child to be adopted by a family in the home country; FRUA believes that if no families there come forward to adopt them; then surely it is better for a child to be adopted by a willing family wherever they may be, than to leave that child to languish alone, in an institution, to grow up to an uncertain future.


The children of FRUA families are among the over 60,000 Russian orphans adopted since 1991, growing up in loving families in the Unites States. Not only do we provide loving homes and support to help our children meet their challenges, but we try very hard to keep their Russian heritage a presence in their lives. By adopting children from Russia, we have added the Russian heritage to our families forever.”


FRUA offers hope, help and community to adoptive families. For more information go to For questions about the FRUA mission or the FRUA National Board, contact Acting National Chair, Jan Wondra, at


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FRUA statement on Russian adoption ban 12.29.12




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