FRUA inc’s Statement Regarding the Return to Russia of American Adoptee

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April 9, 2010

 The Board of Directors of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA), Including Neighboring Countries (INC) on behalf of thousands of adoptive families who belong to FRUA, INC expresses its shock and sadness at news of the return of an adopted child to Russian by his American parent. The family was not a FRUA member, nor, to our knowledge, had they reached out to our organization for help.  As a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization, FRUA’s purpose is to support families completed through adoption in Eastern Europe(EE) and Central Asia. As a community of adoptive parents, FRUA offers hope, help and community - working to get our children the help they need and our families the support necessary to be successful family units.


FRUA believes that every child deserves a forever family. We know that children, whether adopted or biological, can come with challenges. There is no perfect child and neither are there perfect parents. Getting the right information, and the right support, can make all the difference in how a parent handles a difficult situation.  Unfortunately, we cannot help people who do not turn to us for help.


With over 15 years’ experience as an global support organization, FRUA has learned how important an adoptive community can be. The FRUA community includes:

  • Our website,
  • A national board of directors and an advisory board of experts in the medical, social, emotional disciplines
  • Regional chapters throughout the United States
  • Three online communities: the FRUA FaceBook (parent group), the FRUA Chatroom for parents, and the FRUA Teen FaceBook group for our older children.
  • The Family Focus©, our quarterly journal of news and information on parenting, educational, social and cultural topics.

Not only do our regional chapters provide educational resources and a supporting community for adoptive families, FRUA organizes and hosts the critically acclaimed, annual FRUA National Education Conference, featuring experts in topics such as early childhood trauma, dealing with medical, social, emotional issues, or school-age adjustment challenges.  The conference location changes each year to increase access for adoptive families. Our next conference is  October 15-16 in Philadelphia.


While we do not know the circumstances behind this mother's unfortunate decision, our hearts go out to this young boy and the trauma he has experienced.  FRUA families feel fortunate to be the parents of our precious children and are grateful to our children's birth countries for entrusting them to our care.

FRUA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization founded in 1994. FRUA has 2,000 members across the United States with more than 30 chapters and nearly 100 alliance members. FRUA families have adopted children from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, Romania, and neighboring countries.



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