FRUA inc Launches New

Members-only Chat room.



May 25, 2012....Over the long Memorial Day weekend, Families for Russian and Ukrainain Adoption (FRUA), Including Neighboring Countries (INC) is transitioning to its new, members-only chat room. The link to the new chat room is


"This has been in process for several months," notes National Chair Sue Gainor. "The funds to build and launch the new FRUA chat room came from our winter program funding drive. The national board has made a conscious decision to invest some of those funds to strengthen our community, continuing to move our technology into the 21st century."


The historic FRUA chatroom served the FRUA community for over 14 years, but the technology could not be upgraded. The new chat room is based on Vbulletin software and can be continuously upgraded. The other difference between the old and the new chat room? Everyone wishing to use the chat room must be a paid member of FRUA and chat room usage requires registration with the user's actual identity (although this information does not need to appear on an individual's posts.)

It will take several days to verify the membeships behind registration requests. FRUA members should expect a three to five day approval time frame from from request to full access to the chat room.
Thank you for your patience and understanding while this all-volunteer effort is completed.





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