Temporarily Suspend Inter-country Adoptions on July 11, 2011.


June 27, 2011.....The National Board of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption received word for the U.S Department of State that Ukraine intends to temporarily suspend inter-country adoption with the United States beginning July 11, 2011.




FRUA notes the following regarding this announcement:

* This step is temporary and intended to smooth the structures of the Ukrainian adoption process;
*  During July, FRUA will be in contact with Ukrainian officials and as usual, we continue to advocate for the rights of all children to a family and home where they are loved and protected;
*  FRUA is working closely with the U.S., State Dept. to do what we can to make the suspension as short as possible;
* The U.S. Dept. of State is doing what it can to see that the families already in the pipeline, and already approved for adoptions, may be allowed to complete them in a timely manner.            



The exact text of the written notice from the Dept. of State reads as follows:

Adoption Alert, Ukrainian Family Code Amendments and temporary suspension on adoptions to take effect on July 11, 2011


 The Ukrainian State Department on Adoptions (SDA) informed the US Embassy this morning that beginning July 11 SDA will no longer have the authority to process adoption cases. This will likely result in a temporary suspension of adoptions from Ukraine.  The Ministry of Social Policy will take over as the new adoption authority in Ukraine, but does not yet have Cabinet approval to create a staff and begin processing cases. The Ministry does not yet know when they will be able to resume adoption processing.  The amendments to the Ukrainian Family Code mentioned in the previous adoption alert will also go into effect on July 11.  


We will ask the Ukrainian government to resume adoptions as quickly as possible.  We will also continue to encourage the Ministry of Social Policy to protect adoptions where U.S. prospective adoptive parents have already been approved by the SDA to adopt a particular child.


According to SDA, there are now 139 U.S. families registered with the SDA, some of them already in-country.  We will be following new developments closely to understand how it will affect the families currently in process and will be posting relevant updates. In that respect. we recommend that all American families that are currently in Ukraine or have appointments with SDA during the next few weeks send their contact information to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine’s Adoption Unit at: kyivadoptions@state.gov.  Families should contact their local adoption service provider for further updates and details. 


As FRUA receives more information we will get this information to FRUA families. Keep checking www.frua.org for the latest information.



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