2020 will mark the tenth year that FRUA has offered student scholarships -- the only scholarships in the world supporting students adopted from the 32 former Soviet bloc countries. The three scholarships offered in previous years have been:

  1. FRUA's Dina Brown High School Senior Scholarship supports an academically high-performing student with a strong commitment to community, in honor of the daughter of a long-time FRUA midwest family who died during her senior year of high school.

  2. FRUA's Continuing College Student Scholarship is for students continuing their work in a post-secondary college-level program.

  3. FRUA's Vocational and Arts Scholarship supports students pursuing post-secondary education in the vocational and arts fields.

Scholarship information and applications are expected to become available by year-end.  You must have a current FRUA INC family membership to apply.


The quality of the applicants for FRUA scholarships each year has been remarkable.  The applications demonstrate to the world what our children can accomplish and how far they can go with the support of their families and the hope, help and community of FRUA. 


FRUA's scholarship program is funded by tax-deductible donations to FRUA. We are able to offer scholarships each year based on the availability of two critical resources: financial donations to fund the scholarship program, and the volunteer time of those who serve on the scholarship committee. 




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