Three Scholarships

  1. Dina Brown High School Senior Scholarship
  2. Continuing College Student Scholarship
  3. Vocational and Arts Scholarship


The National Board of Directors of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries (FRUA), is pleased to announce that applications have opened for its scholarship program for the 2020-2021 academic year. The scholarship program, now in its tenth year, is funded by tax-deductible donations to FRUA.


A current family membership in FRUA is required to download the Scholarship Application:

  • Log in to the Member Center
  • A successful login verifies that your family has an active membership
  • Click on the 'Scholarships' sub-tab in ‘Member Resources’
  • Read, and click the link to the desired application
  • Student should read eligibility requirements and follow application instructions carefully
  • If student needs further help, they should contact Diane Abshire at
  • Application deadline is Sunday, March 15, 2020
  • Awards will be announced by May 31, 2020 and distributed by Nov. 30, 2020
    • Need your username or password? Follow directions on the MemberClicks login page.
    • Want to join FRUA? Renew a lapsed membership? Click here.

Students who have previously submitted applications and not won are encouraged to apply again for a continuing college student scholarship.  The quality of applicants for FRUA scholarships each year has been remarkable. Our students demonstrate to the world their tremendous capacity to overcome challenge, accomplish their dreams, and give back to their communities.  They have done this with the love and support of their families, and the hope, help and community of FRUA.  We are so proud of each of them!!!





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