MaY 2019


Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries (FRUA INC) is proud to announce the awarding of its three 2019 Scholarships.  The winners of each scholarship are described below.


We received 34 very competitive applications, representing members from throughout FRUA’s regions, and adoptees from four countries.  The applications reflect the tremendous accomplishment, and personal and professional aspirations, of our FRUA students.  Each applicant is commended as (s)he continues their post-secondary education, and is encouraged to join FRUA's Young Adult program.



Dina Brown High School Senior Scholarship Winner ($1,250):  Angela Demchuk

2019 Dina Brown Scholarship WinnerAngela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brunswick HS in Ohio.  Adoptedat 19 months of age from Ukraine, Angela plans to attend the University of Cincinnati in fall 2019 to study medicine.  Angela is anavid ultra-marathoner, a future nurse, and a lifelong advocate for adoptees.  Her motivation for running is not speed or medals, but enduring mental strength and helping others. She has already published a full research paper on breathing treatment allocation, and served as a research intern at Cleveland Clinic over the past two summers.  Angela is engaged in a wide variety of activities, including tutoring ASL, book club leader, coach, substance abuse prevention for elementary school students, and student mental health awareness.  She has won multiple awards for leadership, academic achievement, and athletic inspiration, and has been engaged with FRUA throughout her life.  Her letter of recommendation stated, “There is no question that this world needs more people with the spirit that lives within Angela.”  Congratulations on winning the Dina Brown HS Scholarship, Angela – may your spirit of giving so endlessly to those around you continue to flourish!


Continuing College Student Scholarship Winner ($500):  Daniel Lantz

Daniel, an Eagle Scout, just completed his freshman year at Miami University at Oxford, where he is studying Kinesiology with the goal of becoming a physician’s assistant or doctor.   He was adopted from Russia at 2 years of age, an event he considers a ‘miracle’.  Daniel has received a number of awards for academics, athletics, sportsmanship, and community service, and has been engaged in a variety of activities in and outside of school, including ice hockey, tutoring, Eucharistic Minister at church, fundraising, and starting his own business.  Remarkably, his family discovered at age 7 that his younger brother lived a few hours away, and the two families now consider themselves a blended family, with Daniel and his biological brother being ‘two peas in a pod!’ Congratulations on all you have accomplished, even as you overcame a serious medical situation – keep up the great work, Daniel!


Vocational and Arts Scholarship ($500):  Lukas Howell

Lukas, also an Eagle Scout, graduated in June 2019 from Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado, with plans to attend University of Wisconsin in Stout, WI to obtain a BA in Industrial Design.  Lukas was adopted at age 6 from Russia, and has always seen himself as an Industrial Designer.  In that context, he has received some impressive art awards.  Community Service has played a large role in his life, as has his engagement with the adoption community including FRUA and heritage camps.  Lukas reflected, “Adoption has put me through so many difficult situations, but from every single one, I learned a valuable lesson.”  Congratulations, Lukas, on winning the FRUA Vocational and Arts Scholarship, and best wishes as you pursue your dreams!



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