Maria's Children Cards

The art for these beautiful cards was created through an arts rehabilitation program called Maria's Children Moscow. Maria's Children was founded by Maria Yeliseyeva, who began teaching and mentoring Moscow's orphans in 1993. Maria developed a combination of art therapy, multi-system supports, and love that creates for the children a vision of a future to tap their creative spirits and imaginations, and asks them to paint their dreams.
The cards for sale on FRUA's website were purchased from Maria's Children International, a Minneapolis-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to fund arts rehabilitation programs that support social, intellectual, and psychological support for disadvantaged children around the world. Maria's Children International closed its doors in mid-2011, making these cards available to FRUA and other non-profits for fund-raising purposes. Although the Minneapolis-based non-profit is closed, Maria Yeliseyeva continues her art rehabilitation mission with orphan children in Russia.
Cards are sold in packets of 8 cards.  Please contact for orders of 25 or more of a single card style.