FRUA Exists to offer hope, help and community to families formed through adoption in EE and western Asian countries.  Our support is multi-level, from the one-on-one contact of local adoptive families, the combined wisdom  of thousands of hours parenting adopted children, the support of regional chapters and the leadership of an all-volunteer, national board.  

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Need Support?

Here are four ways to get the support you need :

  • Call or email the FRUA help line and info email address ... if you are in a stressful situation and need support immediately: Go to                  Need Help Now in the Resources section of this website.                       
  • Email your question to National FRUA at

    Fill out the contact form in the footer at the bottom of any page of this website.

    Call the National FRUA hotline at 703-560-6184.  Should you need to leave a message, someone will get back to answer your question or provide support guidance within 24 hours.

  • FRUA Chat room...get there from any page of this site, either from the highlighted help area on the right edge of the site, or go to the Community tab and scroll down to Chat.  This long-running chat room has dozens of conversations going on at any given time and offers a place to connect with both FRUA members and nonmembers who share an interest in adoption from the former Soviet bloc.

  • FRUA Facebook page... go directly to the FRUA Facebook page from the same highlighted help area on the right, visible from any page on this website.  This is a new forum of FRUA members who discuss a wide variety of topics from family resources, chapter and local needs, to heritage and educational issues.

  • FRUA Teen Facebook page.....Just for our teens and young adults, this is a place for them to discuss the things they think about.  Registration for this area will be verified and limited to FRUA member teens.

Our annual, FRUA National Education Conference is a world-class bargain... presented by internationally-known experts in the medical, developmental and educational challenges that our children can face and successfully overcome.  

The conference is moved about the country, allowing easier access for our membership. The 2010 conference was held Oct. 16-17 in Philadelphia, PA.  Recent conferences have been held in Dallas, Boston, Seattle and St. Louis. Go to the Conference tab for more information.  If you're interested, we have educational binders and CDS of past conference sessions for sale in our FRUA Store area.


The resources listed on this website are informative only and set forth here for the use of adoptive parents. Inclusion on FRUA resource lists does not constitute an endorsement by FRUA. What works for one family may not work for another. You, as the consumer, are responsible for investigating these resources and assessing whether they might be of help to you. 



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