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sample of heritage resources For Children


Anastasia’s Album Shelley Tanka, Hugh Brewster, Peter Christopher (October 1996)

Babushka: An Old Russian Folktale Charles Mikolaycak (December 1988)

Favorite Russian Fairy Tales Arthur Ansome, Simon Galkin (August 1995)

The Frog Princess: A Russian Folktale J. Patrick Lewis, Gennady Spirin (September 1994)

Little Russian Classics Rebecca Scott, Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin (September 1993)

The Little Snowgirl: An Old Russian Tale Carolyn Croll (October 1996)

Peter & the Wolf (video tape) 1997

The Sun Maiden & The Crescent Moon: Siberian Folk Tales James Riordan (March 1997)

Babushka Baba Yoga Patricia Polacco (September 1993)

Babushka’s Doll Patricia Polacco (September 1993)

Babushka’s Mother Goose Patricia Polacco (September 1995)

Rechenka’s Eggs Patricia Polacco (April 1988)

Thunder Cake Patricia Polacco (March 1990)

Uncle Volva’s Tree Patricia Polacco (October 1989)



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