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Jack's New Family, An Older Child's Adoption Story Dee Thompson (Jan. 2007)

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Attaching in Adoption : Practical Tools for Today Deborah D. Gray (March 2002)
And Baby Makes Four: Welcoming a Second Child Into the Family Hilory Wagner (August 1998)
Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 The American Academy of Pediatrics (July   1998)
Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care (7th Edition) Benjamin Spock, Stephen J. Parker, Steven Parker, Sharon Scotland (June 1998)
Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents Hope Marindin, National Council for Single Adoptive Parents (June 1998)
How to Raise Kids Without Going Broke Peter Finch, Delia Marshall, Steve Swartz (April 1999)
Nurturing Good Kids Now: 10 Basic Skills to Protect and Strengthen Your Child's Core Self: Ron Taffel, Melinda Blau (February 1999)
On Our Own: Unmarried Motherhood In America Melissa Ludtke (September 1997)
Parenting By Heart:How to Be in Charge, Stay Connected, and Instill Your Values, When It Feels Like You're Got Only 15 Minutes a Day Ron Taffel, Melinda Blau (May 1993)
Parenting With Love & Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility Jim Fay, Foster W. Cline (October 1990)
Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Sherrie Eldridge (October 1999)
Raising Adoptive Children: A Manuel for Adoptive Parents Lois Melina (August 1998)
Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood William Pollack (April 1999)
Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood William Pollack, Audio Tape (June 1998)
Single Mothers By Choice: A Guidebook for Single Womean Who are Considering or Have Chosen Motherhood Jane Mattes (1997)
Surviving Your Adolescents  Thomas W. Phelan (October 1998)
Toddlers and Parents: A Declaration of Independence T. Berry Brazelton (September 1989)
Touchpoints: Your Child’s Emotional and Behavioral Development T. Berry Brazelton (March 1994)
Transition to Parenthood: How a First Child Changes a Marriage: Why Some Couple Grow Closer and Others Apart John Kelly, Jay Belsky (April 1995)
The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two William Sears, Martha Sears (January 1993)
The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns Andrea Engber, Leah Klungness (November 1995)
The Courage To Raise Good Men Olga Silverstein, Beth Rashbaum (March 1995)
The Seven Year Stretch: How Families Work Together to Grow Through Adolescence: Laura Scribner Kastner, Jennifer F. Wyatt (May 1997 )
The Ten Greatest Gifts I Give My Children: Parenting from the Heart Steven W. Vennov (September 1994)
The 3 A.M. Handbook: The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Your Child’s Health William Feldman, Hospital for Sick Children (April 1998)
The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do; Parents Matter Less Than You Think & Peers Matter More Judith Rich Harris, Steven Pinker (September 1998)
How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen & How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Kimberly Ann Coe (August 1991)
Talking with Young Children About Adoption Mary Watkins, Susan Fisher (March 1995)
What Do You Really Want For Your Children? Dr. Wayne Dyer (October 1997)
You & Your Only Child: The Joys, Myths, and Challenges of Raising an Only Child Patricia Nachman, Andrea Thompson (February 1998)
Discipline without Shouting or Spanking Jerry Wychoff, Barbara Unell (January 1985)
How to Discipline Your Six to Twelve Year Old Jerry Wycholff, Barbara Unell (January 1991)
1-2-3 Magic Thomas W. Phelan (March 1996)
10 Most Common Mistakes Good Parents Make: And How to Avoid Them Kevin Steede (February 1998)
Tired of Nagging? 30 Days to Positive Parenting Virginia K. Stowe, Andrea Thompson (July 1998)
101 Essential Tips: Baby Care  Elizabeth Fenwick, Deni Brown (May 1996)
101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces: At the Doctor's Office, On Car, Train, and Plane Trips, Home Sick in Bed Carol Stock Kranowitz (December 1995)



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