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FRUA INC knows there are times when members struggle to deal with behaviors, conditions or situations they don't understand. This is where access to expert resources can make all the difference.  


The FRUA Advisory Board under the "Our Work" tab of this website will get you started.  A few materials that may help you deal with how to handle the recent international adoption are below.


If you need more individual help, shoot off an e-mail to and a volunteer will get back to you.  Please understand that our e-mail is covered by volunteers, and there may be a delay while we forward your issues to the appropriate volunteer.  If you need educational resources feel free to email 



More complete resources will be available through regular Focus Directories associated with the current FRUA Educational Focus.  These will be available to members as a free membership benefit.  Consider becoming a member today to access these valuable resources. 








MEMBERS: Links to recorded conference call with Deborah Gray, Attachment Resource Directory for USA, and articles available through "Resources-In-a-Box" - e-mail 



Post-institutionalization and sensory integration





fasd and prenatal influences



MEMBERS: Links to recorded FRUA INC Weinars, Prenatal Exposure Resource Directory for USA and Canada, and articles available through "Resources-In-a-Box" - email 




attention issues



parenting internationally adopted adolescents and Young adults


Members: Links to recorded FRUA INC Webinars, Parenting Internationally Adopted Adolescents and Young Adults Resource Directory for USA and Canada, and articles available through "Resources-in-a-Box"- e-mail 



executive function


Members: Links to recorded FRUA INC Webinars, Executive Functioning Resource Directory for USA and Canada, and articles available through "Resources-in-a-Box"- e-mail 










When Special Circumstances Arise:




There are times when events going on outside your family affect how your children feel about themselves and whether they see their world as a safe place.


The situation in which an American parent sent her young adopted son back to Russia had a negative impact on some adopted children.


Adopted children, from the very young to the older teenager, can have unexpressed emotions when they hear about events like this.

Use this discussion guide to talk with your children:


FRUA_Parent Talking_Points



FRUA's Message to Schools and Teachers

It can help if parents and their children's schools and teachers work together to create a reassuring envirnment. FRUA prepared the following guide for schools to help them spot behaviors that may indicate our children are processing their feelings about what occurred.




teachable moments

From time to time, world events occur that impact children, whether they live in their biological family or have been adopted. As situations arise FRUA has developed a few tools to help answer children's questions about crisis situations that have arisen as a "Teachable Moment"


Teachable Moments





Member recommended resources

We have begun to collect resources suggested by other FRUA members, like you, that have been found to be useful.


Member Recommended Resources



Explore the rest of the website for more resoures related to post-adoption reports, cultural information, calendar of events.... and much more.


Note: The resources listed on this website are informative only and set forth here for the use of adoptive parents. Inclusion on FRUA resource lists does not constitute an endorsement by FRUA . What works for one family may not work for another. You, as the consumer, are responsible for investigating these resources and assessing whether they might be of help to you. 


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