It is FRUA INC's stated position that the completion of timely post-placement reports back to our children's birth countries is a vital tool, not just in providing news of our children's progress, but in helping to keep the doors of inter-country adoption open.




The topic of post-placement reports has been front and center in recent months. First, The Russian ban on adoptions by Americans and then the Ukrainian government's renewed focus on report completion turned the spotlight on the need for timely post-placement reports.  Much of FRUA's policy work has been spent communicating with the US State department and and directly with our children's birth countries about this issue.



Balancing our message

Contrary to what some American's believe, these reports are a vital tool, not just in providing news of our children's progress, but in helping to keep the doors of inter-country adoption open.


These reports are important, both because they deliver information that has a strong possibility of reaching the caregivers at the orphanage, and also because they help to create the total picture of inter-country adoption. As we know when rare and tragic events involving international adoptees have happened, sensational media stories have dominated the headlines, slanting the views in our children's birth countries in the absence of balanced news reflecting the adoption reality. Our post-placement reports can prepare birth countries for the truth.  They let us share both the joys and triumphs, but also the challenges and concerns, that can come with raising children who have experienced the early childhood trauma of orphanage environments.



The simple fact is...this your legal responsibility!

Failure to complete post placement reports can be seen as a violation of the terms of adoption. In the process of the adoption proceedure an adoption agreement is signed with the child's birth country that includes the provision that the adoptive parents will file these reports. If they are not filed on the schedule specified by the child's birth country, the parents are out of compliance with our adoption agreement.


It does not matter how agreeable or disagreeable we deem the officials at a particular country's embassy or consulate to be, or whether we feel like doing the reports, or whether we believe our kids are now 100% American, post-placement reports are a legal requirement of our adoptions. "Attitude in, attitude back" can create reporting realities. Many families consider it an honor to let the governments of our childrens' homlands know of the progress of our children, and the reports are received with gratitude.


That said, some country's reports are easier to file than others. Russia continues to be challenging. Among other things, reports must be filed in Russian. Cooperative governments like Ukraine have been working very hard to simplify and change their processes to make it easier for American adoptive parents to do reports.  






"We have now 8,250 adopted children from Ukraine in the United States. We want the Ukrainian Parliament to ratify the Hague Agreement (on inter-country adoption). For that to happen, we need a positive impression of inter-country adoption in our country. The (post-placement) reports help us do this. We have only 47 percent post-placement report compliance from the United States. This means that about 53 percent of post-placement reports are behind or not filed at all. If there is no progress on this in the next year, it will affect inter-country adoption between our two countries.  It is that simple.  We have had two sad events (two deaths of Ukrainian adoptees in America), and at some point there will be consequences if reporting - presenting the balanced picture of adoption - does not imporve."

Olexander Motsyk

Ukrainian Ambassador to the US




My main goal is to explain adoptive parents that Ukrainian government do not aim to control their lives (many of them thinks so). For us it is very important just to know that all adopted children are growing in good and safe family environment. That is why we require post placement reports be submitted to the Embassy or Consulates on time.”

Yarolsava Zayets

Third Secretary for Consular Issues

Embassy of Ukraine




We strongly urge you to comply with the requirements established by the government of the country that you have adopted from and complete all of the post-adoption requirements in a timely manner.  Your adoption agency may be able to help you with this process and/or provide you with more specific guidelines.


While the U.S. State Department has requested that adoptive parents comply with any agreements they made with their children's countries, the State Department says on its Web site, "The U.S. Government does not have the legal authority to compel U.S. citizens to comply with foreign laws. No U.S. official is going to come to your home and force you to send in your post-placement reports."



As FRUA receives informaiton from the governments of the countries from which our children have come, we will make every attempt to post that information in this location of the website, with a page for each coutnry as we receive it..




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