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Teachable moments

Tools for Parents and Educators


From time to time, world events occur that impact children, whether they live in their biological family or have been adopted.


Children who were adopted can sometimes be impacted more than biological children by these events, because these things can raise questions in their minds about identity, fears about safety and be magnified by residual issues of early trauma and attachment problems.


FRUA INC has begun to prepare tools for parents and teachers to reassure adopted children and help them understand what has occurred.



August 30, 2014....The pdf file below is one such tool, which has been updated to help answer children's questions about the crisis between the governments of Ukraine and Russia. This is a teachable moment, when you can reassure children, while helping them understand big ideas about the world in which they are growing up.



Another situation in the past few years, the return of an adopted child to Russian by his American parent, also generated a teaching moment, and the following article by

Patty Cogen, Ed. D., Tatyana Gindis, and Boris Gindis, Ph. D.:





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