As has been heavily reported around the globe, today the upper house of the Russian Duma voted unaniously to uphold the ations of the lower house of the Duma, banning the adoption of Russian orphans by citizens of the united States. Russian President vladimir Putin has said tha the will read the bill carefully and has given some indication that he may sign it.


While FRUA INC will be preparing a formal statement regarding this action, it has long been on record, with both the US Dept. of State and the Russian Federation, as supporting the basic human right of orphan children to grow up in families that love them, protect them and get them the help they need to reach their potential, whatever that may be.


"While we certainly support the right of a democratically-elected representative body to democratic debate," notes FRUA INC Acting Chair Jan Wondra, "we are deeply dismayed at a politically-charged, retaliatory step that serves to further traumatizes orphan children. Our thoughts turn to the hundreds of Russian orphans whose adoptions are in-process with American adoptive families, who may now never know the love and suport of a family. Our hope is that the Russian people will agree, togehter with thousands of we FRUA families, that children should never become politcal pawns. Surely we can come together to show our support for this basic human right."


From information received during a conference call with the Dept. of State in the past few days, FRUA INC lists the following information for prosepctive adoptive parents:

  • If in country, families should go to the US Embassy.

  • If here in the US, reach out to the Office of children's Issues(OCI) at ASK CI <askci@state.gov>.

  • If the issues is immigration related, go to nbc.adoption@USCIS.gov 


The OCI is looking at setting up a specific phone line, but has nothing set up yet. State will make every effort to get relevant and timely info up on the Office of Children's Issues website at www.adoption.state.gov.


As we receive more information we will post it here at www.frua.org and get it out to our FRUA INC chapter leadership to pass along to famlies.







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